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Use these interactive quizzes and planning tools to explore how your interests can translate into a rewarding career. And, make a plan to get there.

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Career assessment tools use a set of questions to help you identify what you like to do and what you value in work and life. Most focus on just one or two of these things (skills, interests, and/or values) so it pays to take more than one to learn about the kind of career you will enjoy most.

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If you are going to use these tools, remember:

  • No computer application can tell you what to do. While the results you get from credible sources should provide some interesting food for thought, none is perfect and they are each highly dependent on algorithms that can’t recognize every factor in your life and ability or desire to pursue any one path. So take those results with a grain of salt.
  • If you want to use the results to take the next step in your career, answer the questions seriously and honestly. Your results will only be as thoughtful as the answers you provide upfront.
  • Don’t use these tools in a vacuum – consider talking to mentors, advisors, colleagues, and friends about your results and how you might use them to pursue a new or different career.
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Graphic showing that your ideal career is at the intersection of your values, skills, interests, and personality
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